Affordable hosting, custom software and an extensive collection of tools, we have it all.

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We Have Been Here A While Now

Our service has been around a long time, starting with our roots in managing OpenSimulator grids. We have been running and operating virtual worlds and the associated infrastructure since 2012. We made our own software tools as we realized the best way to always offer the best reliability for managing opensource software is building your own integrations.

How We Do

Custom Built

We have built almost all of our tools from scratch and we even give some of it back to the community.


We have built our system from the ground up, everything is automated from deployment to management.

Transparent Updates

From changes to interruptions to our service we let you know what really happened.

Made with Love

We are not here just to make money, we put our love into every part of our code and customer support.


A wide variety of awesome systems at your fingertips

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